When is a proven sales and product configurator like e-Con more than an ISV solution that transforms quote-through-order processes? Answer: when a business with multiple companies and world-wide locations sees that it can bring much more to the enterprise. Here’s the story of NRF, a loyal e-Con CPQ customer who discovered new depth and breadth in our solution. Now this complex manufacturing organization is using e-Con to add and manage product items within Dynamics AX, reduce costs of recovery operations, and save money for ERP licensing.

Business Situation: The Item Management Challenge

Established in 1927, NRF comprises 9 distinct companies that develop and manufacture advanced systems for heat exchange–radiators, radiator cores, air coolers, oil coolers, box coolers and air conditioning components. Their products can be found world-wide in many industry sectors, including car manufacturers, industrial companies, shipyards and the aftermarket.

Microsoft Dynamics AX worked well for NRF as their central ERP solution, but managing and updating item information within AX across 9 locations was still problematic. They had no consistent rules and parameters for adding and updating items, which led to data and transaction clashes that required full-scale recovery operations. Companies couldn’t share information effectively. For example, product items that had been converted from “manufactured” to “purchased” within one of the 9 organizations were not available to in the other 8 companies, because the products were not in the databases of the other companies.  Time, accuracy, and the ability to meet customer needs were always at risk, because items couldn’t be entered into sales orders across companies. For NRF, resolving item management was as essential as having an intercompany solution for standardizing quote through order processes, configuring items, and managing stock with rules.

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    Our more than 1000 dealers now deliver 66% of our orders online and these orders are 99.9% correct. It is no longer necessary to do a check or work order preparation. The order-to-production time has been reduced by 3-4 days, leading to better delivery terms.

    Waldo Ragole, ICT Manager

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    “e-Con helps us to continuously automatize our order processes and provides a creative platform for independent web-based tools. The flexible CPQ functionality can be adapted and individually programmed for use in a wide range of applications.”

    Frank Brandtner

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    “e-Con analyzes quality and offers all the checks and balances needed for a perfect order. An order that would take hours to complete manually can be accomplished in a few minutes, with no errors. ”

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    “Thanks to seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, e-Con CPQ ensures web orders are always based on real-time ERP information. They’re error-free and can go instantly to production”

    Geraldine Billiet

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    “I want the best CPQ tool for our Dynamics 365 eco-system. With e-Con CPQ we’re about to enter the after-sales market with time savings in service inspection and analyses from 8 weeks to just 1 week. e-Con CPQ will pay off big time!”

    Boudewijn Rast, Group IT Manager

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    “e-Con CPQ lets Ridley almost automatically generate BOMs instead of risking mistakes made working manually—and it saves us time that can be better spent.”

    Frank Iliaens

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    “e-Con is honest about the technicality of the setup. Some configurators claim that you can do the setup ‘without code’. That may work for 80% of our complexity, but e-Con is extensible enough to handle all our requirements.”

    Christophe Boogaerts, Project Manager

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    “e-Con CPQ leads to big savings in time spent on order entry, and it’s decreased error margins to an absolute minimum.”

    Alexander Bressers