Configure Anything

e-Con works very closely with the Microsoft Dynamics database—we like to say that we’re married to Dynamics. We’re dedicated to a committed marriage that’s flexible enough to let you configure anything. If you have data in Dynamics that can be used, e-Con can configure it. Below, you’ll find a summary of the 21 most common ways businesses use e-Con to go beyond quote-to-order configuration. You can also explore how diverse business types and departments are using e-Con. If you have a usage challenge that isn’t shown below, let us know! We’d be happy to explore how e-Con can help.

The many ways you can use e-Con

The many ways you can use e-Con

The many ways you can use e-Con

The many ways you can use e-Con

Social Selling Assistant

Helping your customers selecting and buying the right products can be complex and error-prone, since even standard products can have lots of options and variations.

Online Configuration

Whether you’re focused on B2B portal access, B2C e-Commerce, or both, e-Con covers online needs within one solution that marries fully with Dynamics.

Product Selector/Generator

Needs analyses ensure that Guided Selling captures all customer requirements and presents users with relevant, feasible options.


When a salesperson receives customer approval, they can instantly convert a quote into an order that includes all documentation needed to jump-start production.


e-Con gives salespeople a guided path to configuring flawless, complete quotes within minutes, using any device. Quotes convert instantly to production-ready orders.

In-Store Configuration (Omni-channel)

Using e-Con on a tablet or touch device display, customers in retail shops can configure products and services themselves.

Document Generation

Auto-generate dynamic documents with professional layout and preferred formats. Save documents and templates to SharePoint for re-use and easily modify.

Subscription Pricing

Today’s customers want “pay for use” and “pay per period.” This has a major impact on pricing calculations, especially when all options are part of your overall calculation.

Agreement and Contract Creation

Using any device, fill out a questionnaire and e-Con will generate agreements and contracts that cover all parameters, thanks to full integration and our rules engine.

Item Management

Create and update Master Data using one screen and intuitive workflow steps that eliminate redundant entries and searching multiple forms.

e-Con Portal

Enable customers, partners, and your sales force to configure quotes and orders from any location after a quick login.


Click or tap “Convert” and your e-Con quote is saved as a fulfillment-ready order in Microsoft Dynamics—a jump-start for production and delivery.

Service Order Creation

Auto-generate service orders that calculate all variables for routine and complex scenarios.

Combine e-Con, ERP, and CRM

e-Con is a “smart bridge” between Dynamics ERP and CRM, giving CRM users a complete view of product and service information from ERP.

Spare Parts

Locate and monitor spare parts with speed and accuracy, ensuring customers you’ll always have the right part, at the right time, for the right product.

Printing Labels, Packaging, and Apparel

e-Con gives companies printing labels, packaging, or apparel a smooth, accurate flow for calculating prices with lots of variables.

Service Contract Creation

e-Con assesses all variables that impact cost for service (response time, customer, importance, product, etc.), then auto-generates the correct service fee.


e-Con workflows can detect if values are exceeded, apply discounts, alert users if engineering is needed, auto-send approval requests, and more.


Incorporate e-Con into your webshop experience so that customers can tailor and personalize standard e-Commerce offerings.

Offline Configuration

The e-Con Offline client equips salespeople to work offline with near real-time information and then sync automatically at next login.

Project Configuration

Reduce time project managers and reps spend on “custom” project budgeting by automating and standardizing processes for proposals and quotations. 

Guided Selling

e-Con offers an intuitive “smart” questionnaire that ensures salespeople, resellers, and even customers make expert, accurate choices.

Product and Item Configuration

Configuring products and items with e-Con CPQ means an unbeatable quote-to-order time, which in turn leads to faster fulfilment and delivery.


Get peace of mind for quick, accurate delivery, including self-service options, instant order processing, and full visibility into production and fulfillment information.


Configure both standard and custom offerings in your webshop with ease. Online payments are instantly converted to fullfillment-ready orders in Dynamics for quick delivery.

Make-to-Order Manufacturing

Eliminate errors that lead to delays and waste, while improving profit margins and customer satisfaction. One streamlined process spans quote through production.

Project-Based Manufacturing

Sharply reduce the time and effort project managers and reps spend on “custom” project budgeting by automating and standardizing processes for proposals and quotations.


Choose and order complex offerings quickly and accurately, using intuitive, visual questionnaires. Instant order conversion fuels fast delivery and customer satisfaction.

Service Organizations

Build loyalty by incorporating all service activities into your customer lifecycle, from tailored agreements and contracts through service call registration and execution.


After-sales service is key to turning fickle customers into loyal ones, and e-Con can sharply increase success by incorporating all activities into your product lifecycle.


Add complex products to your ERP system using a straightforward process, including multilevel BOMs, routings, descriptions, and instructions.


Attract more customers with visualization, professional branding, trend insight, and ability to predict customer behaviour and uncover new focus areas.


Convert flawless quotes into production or fulfilment-ready orders that can be validated quickly, freeing procurement to focus on supply chain management.


No more “product impossible” or costly delays and waste. Move from quote to production in minutes, with complete documentation that’s fully validated.


Configure flawless quotes and sales documents on any device, whenever the customer wants. Even novices are trusted advisors with e-Con Guided Selling.

Automotive Industry

Once upon a time, people ordered Model T-Fords in any color, as long as it was black. That simplicity is long gone; indeed, the automotive industry could claim that it started the make-to-order industry.

Assistive Mobility Industry

Our configurators enable you to input changes quickly, and more important, manage the design, production and sales process of custom mobility products.

Blinds, Shades, and Screens Industry

Businesses are dealing with a new breed of end users—whether they are consumers, other distributors, or retailers. Consumers want custom products that meet specific, even personal needs.

Cooling and Heating Industry

Delivering tailored solutions is part of everyday business: orders can range from standardized residential equipment to nuclear power plant components that consume thousands of Gigawatts of electricity.

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Industry

Whether you sell or produce huge mining equipment machinery, high precision medical devices or small and very accurate laser devices, you need to manage a large number of options, rules and calculations.

Medical and Orthopedic Industry

Manufacturers and resellers of medical systems, prosthetics, and orthopedics share a common mission: Delivering products and solutions that change, even save, people’s lives. But quotes & orders can involve a jungle of parameters.

Printing, Packaging, and Apparel Industry

Surprised that printing, packaging, and apparel industries are grouped together? Their products are often tailored to specific customers’ needs.

High Tech and Electronics Industry

Whether you sell or produce very sensitive sensors, Nano-meters, hardness testers, car audio of high end kitchen machines, you need to manage a large number of options, rules and calculations.

Steel and Metal Fabrication Industry

Manufacturers of special metal products, parts, and sub-assemblies face a unique challenge on a daily basis: Quoting and ordering highly customized goods, in small series, at a competitive price.

Wood and Furniture Industry

Even a “standard” sofa can offer a plethora of options: 2, 2 ½ or 3 seater, leather or cotton fabrics, different colors, arm rests, with or without cushions—there could be 100+ variants for a single model.

Windows and Doors Industry

Though customers selecting standard options, most expect a wide range of choices. Material, color, design, glass, frame, handles, and locks are just a subset of components that customers assume come with plenty of options.

Service Industries

Build loyalty by incorporating all service activities into your customer lifecycle, from tailored agreements and contracts through service call registration and execution.