Is CPQ software a smart investment for you?

Do you work with custom/complex offerings and services and use Dynamics AX, NAV, or CRM? You could gain great value from a configurator like e-Con that works as part of your total system. But we know you need to see for yourself whether investing in an advanced CPQ solution would pay off for your specific business. Ready to get started? Meet the e-Con Solutions ROI estimator.

ROI EstimatorOur ROI estimator offers a quick yet accurate way to map your business case with the indicators a CPQ tool helps optimize. The ROI estimator actually is “e-Con in action,” using the e-Con Configurator to guide you through questions that let you hone in your specific processes and issues.

We’ve kept the estimator simple and clear, with a bar that illustrates where you fit on the spectrum based on your responses. The focus is on general sales and product configuration, but the tool itself shows how e-Con can go beyond CPQ!

The ROI model can help you assess whether you should look further into a CPQ solution investment. If you find you’re interested in learning more about e-Con as a solution, and getting some figures and facts relevant to your business, please contact Pieter Versloot. We can offer you webinars, one-on-one discussions, tailored demos—name your need.  We hope you find our new tool a useful resource!