How to Buy


How we do business with end users

If you talk to our customers, you’ll hear that doing business with e-Con solutions is easy and enjoyable. Here’s an overview of how we can meet your needs at local and worldwide levels.

  • We sell both directly to customers and indirectly, via partners.
  • We can train customers to implement e-Con themselves. We also offer onsite and remote implementation services, customer support, and partner support.
  • With offices in the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia, we cover the globe with knowledge and support for both customers and partners.

Our consultants bring experience with hundreds of implementations that reflect projects we’ve led and support that we’ve provided to partners. Most of our consultants have worked at e-Con Solutions from the start or have years of dedicated experience with e-Con and Microsoft Dynamics. We have a huge resevoir of knowledge that covers highly specific business cases—it’s likely that there isn’t a scenario that we can’t address.

For all our customers, our primary implementation goal is knowledge transfer. We have a great foundation for understanding how your business works. We build on that understanding with you and ensure that you know how to establish and maintain e-Con. We can visit you during implementation, or you can take a more self-directed path with regular trainings that we offer at our location, at your site, or online.

If you’d like to learn more about e-Con CPQ for your organisation please contact us! One of our solution experts will respond promptly to offer a conversation, pricing information, an online demonstration, or perhaps a visit. As business experts we’re more than open for any discussion.

How we do business with partners

We don’t demand that our partners become CPQ experts—we’re the experts. We can bring our knowledge and experience into your sales cycle to help ensure success, but you’ll find that’s easy once you identify your prospect or customer’s need for CPQ. Simply contact us and we’ll help you complete a robust RFI and RFQ. We’ll work with you to prepare and demonstrate our solution so that everyone’s needs are met. We’ve found that when we join forces with partners it’s a win-win situation.

Are you interested in tighter collaboration? Joint Sales and Marketing activitities are a big part of our day-to-day job. We can offer you our team expertise, rich sales and marketing tools, and strategies for building your business around e-Con.

In short, we’re experts, we make doing business effortless and we’re not a demanding partner. Join forces and contact us!