Royal Auping b.v. is a true expert in sleeping comfort; it’s been 125 years since they began manufacturing and selling beds. They’re also a business that moves with innovation, and are using e-Con in Microsoft Dynamics AX as a way to create products in collaboration with customers. Using e-Con’s visualization capabilities, Auping can show customers what their offering will look like as it’s being built, adding and changing options until they hit the sweet spot.

Auping-ConfiguratorThis interactive tool, along with POS capabilities, captures customer attention and fuels on-the-spot sales. As soon as a transaction is completed, the order goes directly into Dynamics AX, and e-Con takes care of creating all production documentation. Fulfillment can start in minutes. From the start, the process is so streamlined and connected it cuts back dramatically on time-to-delivery.

A broad group of people use e-Con effortlessly, from Product Data management to Finance, Formula Management and Sales. “For Auping e-Con means eliminating errors and shortening delivery times, with one integrated solution that works for our own stores and extends to franchise stores,” says Frank Scholte, Manager IT at Royal Auping b.v.

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    "e-Con CPQ will help CSI understand customer requirements, quote and offer the right services, resulting in customers making buying decisions faster."

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    "Since implemented, e-Con has cut the time spent on order intake from 10 minutes to only 3 minutes, providing plenty of extra time during the typical 15-minute appointment."

    Wouter Spann, IT project manager

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    "We want to work with e-Con CPQ for many years forward because they help us to be the leader in our market"

    Tor Martin Aspholm

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    “e-Con makes it easy to create and work with complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame. It’s simple to use, it’s got a great look and feel, and from the CPQ vendors I’ve seen, e-Con definitely offers the best value for your investment.”

    Jaap Versnel, Business Analyst

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    “Internally we often use the line ‘An empty box isn’t a box’. To get to the right (custom) box/enclosure we need tools to get us those custom-made products as soon and efficient as possible. That’s the added value e-Con brings PM Komponenten.”

    Harms Jansen, Product Specialist

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    “With e-Con we can save so much time and effort. There’s no need to duplicate data, since all information is completely integrated. We no longer have to create BOM’s, routings, pricing, and other documents as a separate process. As soon as we validate an order, it’s ready for production.” 

    Michael Kaufman, VP

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    "e-Con allows our Customer Care team to quickly and accurately configure Bills of Materials and Routing steps. e-Con ensures that the demand is driven for the correct parts and that they are machined, assembled, and tested according to the appropriate processes."

    David Bitter, Technologist

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    “Building, maintaining, and changing configurations can be handled by the company’s internal resources much more efficiently, and everything's available in record time to all users. Teams can take a proactive approach to issues and react quickly if major problems arise.”

    Laurent Machu, Project Manager