Royal Auping b.v. is a true expert in sleeping comfort; it’s been 125 years since they began manufacturing and selling beds. They’re also a business that moves with innovation, and are using e-Con in Microsoft Dynamics AX as a way to create products in collaboration with customers. Using e-Con’s visualization capabilities, Auping can show customers what their offering will look like as it’s being built, adding and changing options until they hit the sweet spot.

Auping-ConfiguratorThis interactive tool, along with POS capabilities, captures customer attention and fuels on-the-spot sales. As soon as a transaction is completed, the order goes directly into Dynamics AX, and e-Con takes care of creating all production documentation. Fulfillment can start in minutes. From the start, the process is so streamlined and connected it cuts back dramatically on time-to-delivery.

A broad group of people use e-Con effortlessly, from Product Data management to Finance, Formula Management and Sales. “For Auping e-Con means eliminating errors and shortening delivery times, with one integrated solution that works for our own stores and extends to franchise stores,” says Frank Scholte, Manager IT at Royal Auping b.v.

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    Our more than 1000 dealers now deliver 66% of our orders online and these orders are 99.9% correct. It is no longer necessary to do a check or work order preparation. The order-to-production time has been reduced by 3-4 days, leading to better delivery terms.

    Waldo Ragole, ICT Manager

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    “e-Con helps us to continuously automatize our order processes and provides a creative platform for independent web-based tools. The flexible CPQ functionality can be adapted and individually programmed for use in a wide range of applications.”

    Frank Brandtner

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    “e-Con analyzes quality and offers all the checks and balances needed for a perfect order. An order that would take hours to complete manually can be accomplished in a few minutes, with no errors. ”

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    “Thanks to seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, e-Con CPQ ensures web orders are always based on real-time ERP information. They’re error-free and can go instantly to production”

    Geraldine Billiet

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    “I want the best CPQ tool for our Dynamics 365 eco-system. With e-Con CPQ we’re about to enter the after-sales market with time savings in service inspection and analyses from 8 weeks to just 1 week. e-Con CPQ will pay off big time!”

    Boudewijn Rast, Group IT Manager

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    “e-Con CPQ lets Ridley almost automatically generate BOMs instead of risking mistakes made working manually—and it saves us time that can be better spent.”

    Frank Iliaens

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    “e-Con is honest about the technicality of the setup. Some configurators claim that you can do the setup ‘without code’. That may work for 80% of our complexity, but e-Con is extensible enough to handle all our requirements.”

    Christophe Boogaerts, Project Manager

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    “e-Con CPQ leads to big savings in time spent on order entry, and it’s decreased error margins to an absolute minimum.”

    Alexander Bressers