Combine e-Con, ERP, and CRM


e-Con works as a “smart bridge” between Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, in particular giving CRM users a complete, relevant view of product and service information from ERP. The combination of Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, and e-Con speeds up complex calculations and quotations. e-Con takes all information about the customer, margins, terms and conditions, etc. from CRM, all product and pricing information from ERP, and writes data concurrently in CRM and ERP. For example, e-Con can create a quote in Dynamics CRM and at the same time, create the order, item, bill of material, and more in Dynamics ERP.

As Microsoft rolls out Dynamics 365, you can count on e-Con as the CPQ solution that’s dedicated solely to Microsoft Dynamics. Our solution already brings together Dynamics CRM and ERP, and we’ll be able to create an even richer relationships with Dynamics 365.

If you’d like to learn more about the general benefits of combining CRM & ERP, check this movie: