Automotive Industry


The automotive industry takes full advantage of technological innovations. More and more companies work with online configuration tools that let consumers build their own car to exacting specifications. Just as important, the industry is increasingly aware that configurators can serve as a powerful sales tool for custom vehicles.

The e-Con Sales and Product Configurator brings all these capabilities together in one integrated, flexible solution package that fits seamlessly with your ERP system and other applications. You can make e-Con the choice that lets you embrace change and complexity and move into the future with confidence.

e-Con: the vehicle driving streamlined order processes

Converting customers’ or sales peoples’ wishes into ERP data, quickly and without errors, is the key to a truly efficient order processing chain. Whether you sell or produce luxury RV’s, special vehicles for transportation of disabled people, trailers, or land mowers, you need to manage a large number of options, rules, and calculations. Country-specific regulations impact possible choices. Marketing also affects models, options, and promotions you want to make available to specific segments. At the end of the day, or rather, the end of the order, you need to turn these variables into producible items, BOMs, and routes.

The challenge: delivery deadlines are tight. You need to navigate through all the variables at high speed and maintain quality and accuracy. With e-Con’s flexible, robust capabilities, you can drive with confidence.

  • A strong rules engine and robust integration with (Dynamics) ERP ensures that sales people and customers select options and accessories that you’ve set up as feasible.
  • e-Con calculates all essential data for costing, pricing, weight, and other variables in real time.
  • Results can be pushed to (Dynamics) ERP or CRM in seconds—a jump start for production.